Walter and Sara Let the good times roll
On Sunday June 1st, we broke camp in Sequim and motored down the road to Salt Creek Campground, just east of Joyce on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The weekend crowd was breaking camp as we arrived and we found a lovely spot with a water view.

Salt Creek Campground campsite view

After setting up camp we went out for a walk on the path that follows the fence along the top of the cliffs. Here’s the view from the fence where Walter was standing in the photo above.

View from Salt Creek Campground overlook

There were Harlequin ducks down in the water but no sight of seals or whales. There were lots of flowers in bloom though. Including these large False Solomon’s Seal (Maianthemum racemosum)

False Solomon's Seal Salt Creek WA

Nootka Roses (Rosa nutkana) that were really fragrant

Nootka Roses at Salt Creek WA

And tons of Thimbleberries (Rubus parviflorus)

Thimble Berry flowers Salt Creek WA

It was sunny and clear and you could see Vancouver Island across the strait.

Vancouver Island across Strait of Juan de Fuca at Salt Creek WA

While Walter sat and watched the ships go by, I hiked down the rocky path to the tide pools since the tide was mostly out. Here’s the view looking west from the bottom of the path.

View from footpath Salt Creek Campground

The tide was turning and the surf was beginning to build again on the rocks.

Surf on rocks at Salt Creek campground

Tidepools and surf at Salt Creek Campground WA

There were sea anemones in the tide pools along with barnacles and tons of mussels.

Sea anemone in tide pool Salt Creek Campground

I found a butterfly resting on the rocks as I clambered around.

Butterfly Salt Creek Campground WA

The cliff was shaded and dripping water and there were Seep-spring monkeyflowers (Mimulus guttatus) hanging on the walls.

Mimulus guttus Salt Creek Campground

There were also these fun worm-like formations on the rocks. I think they’re casing from sea worms.

Worm patterned rocks Salt Creek Campground

Walter was still sitting on his bench when I got back and we got to watch a bald eagle swoop down to the water (but not in) and then swoop back up to sit on a tree branch. I zoomed in on him and actually got a decent shot.

Bald Eagle in tree at Salt Creek Campground

After lunch we sat in the sun and enjoyed the view from in front of the Airstream. By this point we were the only people in our section of the campground since pretty much everyone had packed up their tents and trailers and gone home.

Walter Cooke Airstream Salt Creek

As you can see there were lots of English daisies in the lawn. Here’s a close-up of these little happy faces.
 English daisies in lawn Salt Creek

After dinner the view out the dining room window began to go pink and we went out to watch the sunset.

Sunset Salt Creek Campground