Walter and Sara Let the good times roll
We spent much of the month of September camping at Blue Sky RV Park in Issaquah, WA. It's a nice RV only park with many folks living  there full time. It's upscale and relatively expensive (though the prices are pretty typical for a park near a metropolitan area).

Walter had cataract surgery on his right eye on September 9th and it all went very smoothly. The surgery itself took about 10 minutes longer than usual (but still less than 45 minutes) because his lens was very dense and so they had to move slowly to remove the cataract. His vision in that eye was a little blurry for a couple of days (because of the extra work they had to do on the dense lens) but his recovery has been very good overall. He had a post op visit on September 17th and he could read the 20-20 line of the eye chart nearly perfectly. The doctor was very pleased with the results.

Walter had the surgery on his left eye on September 30th. That eye wasn’t nearly as bad as the right was but he was still looking forward to seeing colors as brightly again with the left eye as he could post op with his right. That surgrey went smoothly too and at his final post op appointment he had 20/20 vision in both eyes.

Meanwhile we worked our way through a list of chores and errands that piled up while we were out on the road. I managed to give Genevieve, The Silver Palace, her first bath. She came out looking great but boy is that a LOT of work. She’s way bigger than Rosita, The Casita, in every possible way--length, width and height. Having done that, I had to wash François, her Loyal Steed, too. He’s only a little taller than our old truck but he seems to have a lot more chrome to polish. And of course, once he was clean on the outside, I had to deal with the dust and accumulated plant parts (Doug fir needles!) on the inside.

We also began the process of applying for volunteer campground host positions for the 2015 season. We put in our application for a spot at Ponderosa State Park in Idaho for the summer and for a spot at Zion National Park in Utah for March and April. We also applied for Mt Rainier for the summer months and Grand Canyon in the spring and fall. As more openings get posted we hope to apply at Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Parks too—just to cover all our bases. Meanwhile, the waiting game begins. We have no idea how long they take to fill the positions and can only hope that we’ll hear soon.

Now we have 3 weeks free to head down to Oregon to visit places we skipped because it was too hot this summer. Then we'll be back in the Seattle area for Walter to get new glasses before we head south for the winter.