Walter and Sara Let the good times roll
It was another drop dead gorgeous day on Friday June 6th when we broke camp at Bogachiel State Park just south of Forks.

We drove south to Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park, a little slice of paradise on a sunny day. Even if you only stop in the parking lot you can get a wonderful view from the viewpoint at the top of the trail.

Ruby Beach view top of the trail

But it only gets better if you take the hike down to the beach.

Ruby Beach Olympic National Park

That’s a creek that is bisecting the beach. Since the tide was out, it was pretty easy to cross the creek on some driftwood logs and head out towards that lovely lump of rock out there.

But first we had to go past all the piles of rocks that people have made with the wonderful flat beach stones that you find here. They cover the logs all up and down the beach.

Rock cairns on log at Ruby Beach

This was the one we saw with the biggest number of rocks in the stack—8 is pretty good.

Eight rock cairn Ruby beach

The tide was going out and there were lots of folks climbing on the rocks on the right hand side of this photo.

Ruby Beach Olympic National Park

A family stopped us and asked us to take a photo of them and in return they shot this picture of us standing in front of great sea stack with a window in it.

Walter Cooke and Sara Schurr Ruby Beach Olympic National Park

As you walk up the beach (north) the rocks seem to move around changing of the view all the time.

Ruby Beach Olympic National Park

There are mussels around the bases of all of these rocks but we didn’t see many good tide pools.

Walter sat down on a log and I hiked a bit further up the beach and noticed some orange up on the hillside.

Orange Flower on hillside Ruby Beach

When I got closer I discovered that they were patches of Indian Paintbrush. I’ve seen these lots of places we’ve visited over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at the beach before.

Indian Paint Brush Ruby Beach

When I was further up the beach I took one more photo and sure enough the sea stacks had moved once again.

Ruby Beach Olympic National Park

Walter was patiently waiting for me on his log when I came back, watching a young woman climb back down that big set of rocks everyone had been climbing on.

Walter Cooke sitting on a log Ruby Beach

I managed to stack 8 rocks on the log next to him.

Sara's 8 rock cairn Ruby Beach

But the pile went down when I added the 9th.

The view southward on the beach isn’t as spectacular as it is to the north but it is still pretty swell.  

Ruby Beach southward view

I climbed around on the big climbing rocks to get this photo through a ‘window’ out to sea.

Window rock at Ruby Beach

Here’s another ‘window’ shot this time through the windows in the sea stack we were standing in front of for that photo earlier.

Sea stack with window Ruby Beach

From Ruby Beach we motored on down to Kalaloch Campground (also part of Olympic National Park) and wonders of wonders actually found a campsite with a partial ocean view. We had been concerned about simply finding a spot big enough for the Airstream so we were really excited to get the bonus of a view too. There are a few big RV type ocean side campsites and often times they have folks in them who are staying for a week or more. The people across from us came over as we were setting up and offered us their sites since they are leaving tomorrow morning. But so were we. Ah well, we were happy with what we got.

Campsite view Kalaloch WA

Campsite view Kalaloch

After lunch I took a hike down to the beach. It’s a wide sandy beach that accumulates a lot of driftwood over the winter.

Driftwood Kalaloch beach

Here’s a view of the driftwood pile that you have to climb over to get out onto the beach.

Driftwood pile Kalaloch Beach

I walked down the beach and found this old tree hanging onto the cliff by its ‘toenails’.

Old Tree hanging on cliffside Kalaloch

By dinner time, the fog bank had started to drift towards shore and the wind was whipping the surf into white caps.

Fog bank early evening Kalaloch Beach

Early Evening Kalaloch Beach

This was our last day of precious sunshine for a few days. We count ourselves very lucky to have such gorgeous weather while exploring Olympic National Park in June.