Walter and Sara Let the good times roll
Every year from 2002 until 2014, Walter and Sara took their trailer, Rosita the Casita, and went adventuring. In 2011 we bought a new F150 pickup and named him Fernando. So then Rosita was Fernando's hideaway! And of course Carmine the Garmin (GPS) shows us the way these days.

In 2014 we traded Rosita the Casita in for a brand new 2014 Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB, whose name in Genevieve, The Silver Palace. And we traded Fernando in for Genevieve's Loyal Steed, François, a new F150 with Ecoboost. For 3 1/2 years Walter and Sara were full-timers exploring the country in style. Then in December 2017 they a small home in the Tucson area as a winter home and now only travel 6 months of the year from May to November.

While we'd love to take all of you with us, Rosita only slept two and the new Airstream gets pretty tight with more than two of us. So instead, we do our best to document our adventures and post the photos here so we can share our trips with you.

Walter Cooke and Sara Schurr and their 2014 Airstream

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