Walter and Sara Let the good times roll
The last week in January, 2009, Walter and I made a trip down to the WW Seymour Conservatory in Tacoma. It's not a very big conservatory but it was worth the trip since they had a lovely installation of Chihuly glass mixed in with the flowers.

This was the first thing you saw on the right when you came in the door. Everything that's purple is glass--both the 'flowers' and the spikey leaves.

Purple Chihuly trumpets and spikes

And on the left there was a whole different color scheme!

Yellow spikes and orange snails

This is one of my favorites. It went so well with the tropical plants and greenery.

Orange spirals

This is looking back at the door after the first section of display. The narcissus weren't as loud as paperwhites but they did give the whole place a nice scent.

Spring flowers and Chihuly glass

This marvelous jar with a glass anthirium in it is just at the edge of the photo above.

Glass orange Anthirium

There were tons of azaleas, cyclamen and ranunculus, mixed in with the tulips and narcissus.

Spring flowers

Every corner had something new!

Orange Chihuly trumpet

This cluster of bowls really enchanted me. I took tons of photos of them.

Blue and yellow glass bowls

I would have happily taken this one home!

Blue glass bowl closeup

And the water feature not only had these cool glass balls but koi too!

Glass balls and fish

The conservatory is basically made up of three rooms.
The last room has tons of orchids.

Purple and pink orchids  Pink Orchids

And mixed in with them there was of course more glass.

Turquoise glass

The glass display lasted until February 22, 2009.

The conservatory changes its flower displays throughout the year so it's always worth a visit.